WIFI Around The Home

Did you know that Wi-Fi is a widely used abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity? Wi-Fi has found a place both in the home and out and about, and you can use it on just about any device from smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV’s and even printers! If like most people you want to make the most of modern gadgets in your home – this is the path for you!

Wi-Fi will let you use portable devices like tablets and smartphones to control your home entertainment systems, with apps that you can use to manage your home cinema and audio devices – cool right?!

What’s more, with Wi-Fi you can connect a dedicated storage drive or secondary computing device to the network which will protect your files and save vital information from your main PC. This will keep your data safe, even if there’s a hardware failure.

If you’ve got any questions about going wireless, don’t hesitate to get in touch and seek our expert advice.