Property Developers

What makes people buy your properties?

Having worked with many property developers, we know that they want to maximise their return on investment. With AVINU supporting their design and fit-out strategy we will address how to meet the expectations of their prospective buyers and implement a clear delivery schedule that all project contractors can follow.

Having the right cable infrastructure in a property is critical. Properties with more technological functionality have higher sale values and sell more quickly. Let us design a cable plan that gives your properties loads of potential feature-rich functionality. We might only do a limited fit-out to minimise your investment, perhaps in a show-home. If the property is fully cabled, it can be marketed with the potential for a range of technology such as multi-room audio, home cinema, iPad control, CCTV and more.

Following the successful sale of your property, we will spend time with the purchaser to help them understand how the property has been cabled and what great services can be enabled. This might be done off-plan, as we approach the completion date or after they’ve moved in.

Ultimately, building a brand and reputation for functional properties and seamlessly integrated in-home technology will benefit your future developments. This keeps developers returning project after project because we develop successful long-term relationships that benefit them and their clients.

How we do it:

  • We manage your expectations to ensure you fully understand all your options to be able to make clear and informed decisions
  • We design cabling routes around your layouts and issue our own drawings for the design
  • We integrate the infrastructure into the building via our friendly and professional team, or in conjunction with the construction team
  • We oversee the installation and hand-over of all devices
  • We make sure that everything installed looks great and is easy to use
  • We will work with your marketing function to ensure all technology is suitably showcased
  • We will support purchasers to implement the right technology into their new homes

Key to working with you is an easy professional relationship where we can cut through a lot of the sales speak and get straight to the point. Time and budget are key to building a successful project, once these details are secured then the rest is all in the planning.

Get in touch with the team to arrange a meeting and check out what our other customers say about us on our Houzz Profile Page