Interior Design

You would be amazed what a difference talking to us early in the design phase of a home. It means we can work together to make sure that
the end result is truly stunning.

You have the talent to transform an ordinary space into something spectacular. We have the technology to enhance your ideas: curtains closing at the press of a button; TV screens hidden which pop up when needed or disguised as mirrors; huge range of elegant faceplates.

We realise that home automation and AV systems can be challenging to integrate into a design space, and with that realisation, AVINU is here to help make your task easier. We can hide AV technology or blend it seamlessly into the décor. Don’t let unsightly wires and control panels spoil your vision of a spectacular interior.

AVINU will be a constructive member of your design team. We fully understanding that your design space’s aesthetics dictate how we will integrate the home entertainment within it. Often, the technology is completely hidden and only visible by the touch of a single button on a remote control.

“AV should be built into the fabric of the house. It needs to sound good AND look good, but you don’t need to worry about how it works. That’s our job.”

We have built very strong relationships with Interior Designers simply through speaking the same language. Our approach is consultative, and we are here to be part of your team on each project you do.

How we do it:

  • Manage your clients’ expectations
  • Design cabling routes around your designs and issue our own drawings of the design
  • Deliver the infrastructure into the building via our friendly and professional team
  • Oversee the installation of all the devices
  • Make sure that everything installed looks great, and is easy to use


As proud winners of both Houzz Service and Design awards, we’re confident you’ll enjoy and benefit from working with us. Get in touch with the team to arrange a meeting and check out what our other customers say about us on our Houzz Profile Page