Home Owners

Home technology isn’t just TVs and sound systems anymore - it should enhance your lifestyle.

You can now have total connectivity with your in-home technology: WiFi throughout, intelligent lighting, indoor (or outdoor) home cinema, speaker systems in every room, smart device control, just to name a few. The ever-increasing range of choices can make it difficult to know which products will perform reliably, which are accessible and easy to use and how much the project will cost.

We understand there are a lot of options, and we’re here to help!

Our team of specialists at AVINU will design and deliver in-home technology solutions that bring your home to life. We will be a valued partner on your project and promote a clear and cohesive strategy to ensure your in-home technology is aligned to how you and your family wish to live. Through our unbiased and comprehensive approach, we help our clients match their practical and personal preferences with the ideal solutions for their lifestyle.

Whether you’re building a new house or renovating an old one, we can take the stress out of choosing what technology is right for you.

 Typical considerations include:
– Lighting design & control, never come back to a dark home
– WiFi everywhere, all the time with the best performance
– 4K TV and music throughout your home
– Home cinema for that big movie or sports experience
– Simple control of your heating
– Answer the door when away from home
– Keep you home secure with CCTV, alarm and lighting
– Total home control from you iPad or mobile – ease of use

We are not here to sell you the latest gadgets. Our friendly and professional team will get to the core of what you want and make it happen: no unsightly cables dangling from the walls, great sounding music and HDTV around your home. All this combines to give your home the wow-factor you’ve been looking for.

How we do it:

  • We help you understand all your options regarding lighting, WiFi, TV and music, security and how to control them
  • We don’t own a shop or stock items – we just want you to be informed and only buy what is best for you
  • We will work with and support all your existing contractors
  • Everything we do is driven by design and adapted to suit your lifestyle
  • We make sure that everything installed is robust and easy to use

From the moment your system is set-up you will begin to experience the enhanced lifestyle that comes with having integrated entertainment and control around your home.

You’ll find AVINU a valued partner supporting you with your project, promoting clarity and a cohesive strategy to ensure your home is aligned to how you and your family wish to live. As proud award winners of service and design we’re confident you’ll benefit from meeting us to discuss how we can bring your home to life.

Get in touch with the team to arrange a meeting and check out what our other customers say about us on our Houzz Profile Page