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Intelligent Building Control and Lifestyle Technology Design and Delivery for the Construction Industry

The majority of our work comes from the longstanding relationships we have fostered with others in our industry, delivering successful residential and commercial projects. Our ongoing strategy is to work with others who share similar values as us we set about delivering amazing work alongside our partners; upholding best-practice, compliance, clear delivery schedules, and the clarity and cohesive teams we all require to deliver wonderful work.

Current intelligent building technology spans across Building Management Systems [BMS] for control and Lifestyle technology [AV] for the entertainment requirements of all residential and commercial projects. Our service offering is a comprehensive one that covers the full life-cycle of any project and ensures we begin to promote clarity from the design stage through to a successful delivery schedule.

Project Lifecycle
As an award-winning consultancy working alongside our partners in the construction industry we have fostered a reputation for constantly delivering projects driven by a cohesive team strategy. Your go-to team.

We find all projects have 2 significant phases:

Phase 1 – Design and cabling: we begin by understanding requirements, so we can develop the cable and technical system design, complete with drawings and a detailed cabling schedule. Our drawings and schedules will show the design of the cable infrastructure, the cable types, compliancy, room locations and all dims. Following this, we support all first-fix and second-fix activities.

Phase 2 – Equipment choices and specification: we know that there will be a period of time before the completion date, so we support clients with aligning and designing a suitable equipment fit-out package that reflects the key objectives. We will guide you with what equipment options there are so you are informed on what specifications to choose.

How we do it

Our initial step is to understand your requirements and support you and the project team with clarity over all options regarding functionality, compliance, budgets, integration, etc.


To follow will be a design stage where we begin the definition of all aspects of the project deliverables.


In line with the delivery schedule, we issue drawings, cable schedules, technical specifications, and schematics.


We integrate the infrastructure and containment into the building via our friendly and professional team, or in conjunction with the construction team.


We undertake the commissioning, and a dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee all installation tasks.





As we approach the completion date we carry out the hand-over exercise and issue O&M documentation.

We make sure that everything installed looks great, and is easy to use.


Intelligent Property Requirements:
During any design exercise, we can help with identifying the objectives of the building management and control, along with more lifestyle-centric services. We typically address three areas of the project:

1. Building Management Systems [BMS]
The construction of intelligent buildings now encompasses ease of control and integration across many services. These typically include intelligent lighting and heating control, with considerations for cooling, HVAC, shading, and the use of renewable energies for efficient and sustainable requirements. The integration across these services, and many others, are now at the forefront of most building’s objectives.

2. Lifestyle Technology [AV]
Add to any building control the need for entertainment throughout homes, and services such as distributed music and TV, and home cinema need to be integrated to offer a robust platform promoting ease of use. Home control platforms now offer control from mobile devise and touchscreens to ensure any lifestyle requirement can be achieved.

3. Infrastructure
The successful deployment of any equipment will be based upon the infrastructure it rests upon and we ensure our designs and cable schedules represent a robust strategy to achieve this. We have strong relationships with all the leading manufacturers and oversee all compliance and capability requirements when undertaking any design to meet project objectives.

We have developed an industry-leading reputation as a systems integrator throughout the South East of England, with some projects abroad and other locations in the UK. We are always interested to meet with other like-minded companies who share our values, to see how we might complement each other and work towards offering our clients outstanding work, whilst maturing our brands and enjoying the work we complete together.

You can read the 5-star client testimonials we have received, along with our awards for the service we have given HERE. Can we support you and your clients? Do you need clarity and further insight into any aspect of building control, integration, and lifestyle technology? Please contact us with any query you may have.

As proud winners of both Houzz Service and Design awards, we’re confident you’ll enjoy and benefit from working together on wonderful successful projects.

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I am interested, what happens next?

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