Interior Designers

As an interior designer, we know you have clients asking about the technology they should have in their homes. You will want to be sure it looks beautiful as well as works beautifully. We’re here to help you and your clients choose the right technology for their lifestyle.

There is an ever-increasing range of choices when it comes to technology that enhances homes and lifestyles. Energy efficiency and security are high on the list of requirements. Today it is easy and affordable to have fresh air circulating around the house, or to harness heat from the sun, offering both cost and energy savings. Clever lighting schemes ensure that lights go into sleep mode when nobody’s home, yet nobody comes home to a dark house. Gardens can be extra living spaces, elegantly lit in the evening, with entertainment systems seamlessly integrated throughout the house and garden with no wires to be seen. Systems can control lighting, heating, blinds, etc, in an intelligent way so as to improve comfort and security. Once the right infrastructure is in place, these systems can be accessed from anywhere, giving home owners greater control over their property, and ultimately their lifestyles.

In Pursuit of Perfection

AVINU specialises in innovative home technology, and we love to build ongoing relationships with interior designers. We work with you and your client early in the design process to define what’s needed. Clients will ask lots of questions, and we are here to give them the answers whilst making it simple. We do not charge for initial consultations as we believe upfront clarity is necessary for the whole design team.

Let us use our experience to ensure that not only are the needs of today met, but any future requirements can be incorporated with ease. We aim to be your go-to partners and provide benefits to you and your clients from our long-standing relationship.

How we do it

We manage your clients’ expectations. We help them fully understand all their options to be able to make clear and informed decisions


We design cabling routes around your layouts and issue our own drawings for the design


We integrate the infrastructure into the building via our friendly and professional team, or in conjunction with the construction team


We oversee the installation and hand-over of all the devices


We make sure that everything installed looks great, and is easy to use


We provide CPDs to interior designers to advise on specific technology or general advances


We will work with you, using our experience to ensure that not only are the needs of today met, but any future requirements can be incorporated with ease. We aim to be your go-to partners where you and your clients will benefit from our successful long-standing relationship.

As proud winners of both Houzz Service and Design awards, we’re confident you’ll enjoy and benefit from working with us.

Get in touch with the team to arrange a meeting and check out what our other customers say about us on our Houzz Profile Page.

I am interested, what happens next?

  • We will arrange a time to meet and learn about you and what you’re looking for
  • Or if you would prefer; please forward our details to your building partners or homeowners and we will speak to them directly