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Creative Architecture


As an architect, the last thing you need is technology and wiring interfering with your beautiful lines. The good news is, that’s the bit we can solve for you!


There is an ever increasing choice when it comes to design-led technology that enhances homes and lifestyles. Entertainment systems can be integrated throughout the house and garden. Intelligent systems can recognise movement, darkness and light can be controlled from outside the home. Data and telecoms can be accessed anywhere so long as the infrastructure is in place.




AVINU specialises in innovative home technology, and works with you and your client early in the design process to define what’s needed. We’re not just order takers. We will talk to your client and ‘get into their head’ to come up with a solution that’s right for them and the way they live. The best time to do this is prior to completion of construction documents. We can then help with space planning and other requirements.



"We can handle this stuff with our eyes closed!”


– Manage your clients’ expectations

– Design cabling routes around your designs and issue our own drawings of the design

– Deliver the infrastructure into the building via our friendly and professional team

– Oversee the installation of all the devices

– Make sure that everything installed looks great, and is easy to use


We will work with you, using our experience to ensure that not only are the needs of today met, but any future requirements can be incorporated with ease.


Call us on +44 (0)2037 576 576 to find out how we can work some magic on your next project!

Home technology designed to complement home & lifestyle:


• Music, TV & Films accessible everywhere

• An intelligent approach to heating and lighting

• Simplified control for the entire home

• Easy to use technology that looks and sounds exceptional

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