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Construction Industry


Have you noticed there’s a new trade?


Sitting alongside builders, architects, plumbers and sparks are the new kids on the block – home technology consultants. Today’s homeowners expect WiFi, the ability to listen to music throughout the home and to talk to their friends and relatives using face to face technology. It’s part of the fabric of the house. It’s part of their lifestyle!


"Nobody wants to be digging into walls and lifting floorboards once the job has been



The best time to build the required cabling infrastructure is at the design and build stage. We can help you put in a cost effective, but expandable, solution so that the buyer chooses exactly what they want.


Our professional team will work alongside the other trades to put all the necessary foundations in place to deliver solutions that the buyer can choose after they move in. Our experience of what clients want from their home technology is invaluable when it comes to designing and planning a future proof living space that reflects their lifestyle.


Obviously it will…


"Sound great, look good, be easy to use!”


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Home technology designed to complement home & lifestyle:


• Music, TV & Films accessible everywhere

• An intelligent approach to heating and lighting

• Simplified control for the entire home

• Easy to use technology that looks and sounds exceptional

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